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PostHeaderIcon How to give your kid’s room a jungle inspired décor

Ideas for kid's room decoration, kid's roomDo you want to give your child’s room a brand new look? If you do, you can opt for the jungle themed décor. You will be wrong to think that decorating a room in keeping with a jungle theme is expensive. Small, economic things can be done to give your kid’s room a jungle inspired look. For starters, you can use jungle printed sheets for the walls of the room. For the throw pillows in the room, you can use bed pillows that are covered.

You will be amazed to know that there are a lot of things already present in your house that can be used in a jungle inspired room. If you have an old t-shirt wit a giraffe printed on it, you can use it as a pillow cover. You can use animal plush toys as accessories in the room. You can also use paint and stencils to make jungle wines and leaves on the walls of the room.

PostHeaderIcon Polishing your marble flooring

Tips to polish marble floors, floor maintenanceMarble floors are the most beautiful floors that a human can walk on. Keeping it nice and shiny you will need to maintain the marble floor well. Shine of the marble is what you will need to maintain as without the shine marble lacks everything. So to maintain this shine you will have to be a bit careful about certain things.

First of all you should know that marble is easily susceptible to water marks. So mopping the marble floor on a regular basis is quite necessary. This will stop the water from staying and clean the floor. You should also be careful with things containing acetic acid. Vinegar, tomato juice etc., should be cleared away instantly as if it stays on the floor then it will result into destroying the upper surface of the marble. Market is full of many different cleaners so buying them will be helpful in cleaning the marble floor. For stronger stains you will need to contact someone for professional help. So take care of the most magnificent flooring.

PostHeaderIcon 5 tips to create a cozy spot in your verandah

Tips to decorate verandah, VerandahThe verandah in any home is a perfect spot to relax and bond with your family. Verandah is a nice place to cherish the view from your home comfortably. Verandah offers many cherish able moments such as you can enjoy a rainy day looking at the rain from your verandah. Verandah is also a functional place of your home. In a sunny day you can leave your clothes to dry at your verandah. Verandah even serves for entertainment purpose. You can sit with your guests in your verandah and enjoy the view having tea, snacks or drinks. Some tips should be followed to create a cozy spot in your verandah.

First of all give it a nice texture with soothing colors as this helps to relax. Secondly add some plants to bring in a natural touch. Thirdly install a fan to make it comfortable. Fourthly, bring in cozy chairs and a table to relax. Lastly install a grill to ensure safety.

PostHeaderIcon How to fix water damage

Tips to fix water damage, home care tipsIf your house has encountered a flood, you will need to remove the water and fix the resulting water damage. Water damage occurring from water pipe being broken, containing water that is clean will not be as bad as the damage from a sewer line that has been broken or water from a storm.

Damage and mold from clean water will not result in a severe problem as a damage of this type can generally be solved as the house dries by opening all the doors and windows and followed by a normal mold check. First thing you need to do to fix the water damage is concentrating on the drying process. Remove the carpet and all your personal items from your home and locate fans at several areas of your home so that the drying process speeds up. You can consult a specialist to inspect the severe damage and get recommendations for fixing the water damage.

PostHeaderIcon How to keep your floor tiles in good condition

Tips to maintain floor tiles, floor maintenanceUsing tiles for your home floors is an easy to maintain option. If you are considering using tiles for your floors then you must maintain it the right way.

The first and the most important rule is to sweep the floor everyday because dust and dirt accumulate more or less everyday. For this you should use a broom that has soft bristles. If sweeping is not an appealing option to you can also use vacuum. In order to preserve your floor tiles you can make use of runners or mats around stoves, sinks and any other place which is exposed to moisture on a daily basis. Another ritual that shall be incorporated is mopping your tiles to avoid sustenance of stubborn stains and spills. Sometimes there may be stains and dirt that is not likely to remove by mopping and sweeping, in that case you can scrub your way to successful cleaning. You must ensure that you do not use any such scrub that shall cause scratches to the surface of your floor tile and also a mild cleanser is advisable using tiles for your floors can prove to be sturdy and long lasting if taken care of.

PostHeaderIcon Basics of home foundation repair

Home foundation repair , home careIn most of the houses there is only one of the three foundations as in crawl, slab or basement. In the slab foundation, which is constructed of concrete there is no space between the floor and the slab. In crawl foundation some amount of space is found in between the foundation and the ground level. The space is used for repairing purpose if required. In case of the basement, the space is the most between ground and the floor. The foundation of every house must be repaired at a point of time. This is because as the age of the house increases, moisture disturbs the settlement of the house leading to some serious damage to house in the near future.

As soon as you find signs of moisture leaking into your house through the foundation, it is advisable to contact some foundations expert and seek way to repair it. Otherwise a time may come, when simply repairing will yield no result and will employ even complex methods involving high cost. Thus, always keep an eye on your house foundation to check if it is ok or is there any need for any type of repair.

PostHeaderIcon How to keep your wrought iron furniture?

Tips to maintain Wrought Iron Furniture, furniture maintenance tipsMany people these days prefer wrought iron furniture over the traditional ones due to the appearance as well as the relatively low cost. But the clean and the maintenance of the wrought iron furniture is not at all a very easy task. Since they are made from iron they are much more vulnerable to rusting. But rusting can be prevented if you follow a few simple steps. You put up a cover on your furniture.

This will help the settling of dust on your furniture thus retaining their appearance. Since the covers are waterproof the chance of rusting is also lowered. Cleaning the furniture at regular intervals is very important. You can clean the furniture regularly by simply wiping them with a soapy wiper. The soap shouldn’t be very harsh to cause harm to the furniture surface. In case the rusting has already started to show its presence, you have to do proper sanding of the rusting and then painting the affected part with the color of the furniture.

PostHeaderIcon What to consider while choosing a ceiling fan

Tips for buying ceiling fan, ceiling fanWhat you need to see before you buy a ceiling fan for your space, you have to measure and estimate the space. The size of the fan will depend on the size of your room. Select a high quality motor for your fan. High quality fans constitute heavy gauge steel motor case. These motors do not produce sounds and are also aesthetic. The key factor while selecting fan is to see its air flow. This is dependent on the quality of the motor, the angle of the blades and also the materials with which the blades are made up of.

You can even use multiple fans if the rooms are too big. The perfect designs will add to the beauty and comfort of your rooms. It is needless to say that for large rooms you need bigger fans. There are some fans whose parts you can buy separately and then join them according to your wish. The design of the fans will depend upon you. But make sure that the air can get to every part of the room.

PostHeaderIcon Advantages of using conservatory blinds

Benefits of conservatory blinds, conservatory decorationA conservatory is a place for relaxation and enjoying the beauty of the summers and winters. But as it is made of glass so it gets really difficult to bear the summer heat. So at that time you feel the need of the blinds. The blinds save us from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. This will help you avoid a lot of skin diseases and also eye problems. The temperature inside the conservatory is also properly maintained.

In summers the temperatures don’t get too hot neither too cool in the winter months. It is found out that the blinds help to reduce the temperature by 83% in the summer. The conservatory being made of glass enables the outsiders to see the interior. But if you have a blind then it will provide you privacy. Besides that the blinds enhance the entire visual effect. You can choose a blind of your favorite color or design. Make sure you hire a professional to install it as the process of installation is not much easy. The professional can also help you choose the material best for the blind.

PostHeaderIcon How to keep you home clutter free when living with a toddler

Tips to make home clutter free, home maintenanceKeeping your house clean is always a full time job. When there is a toddler in the house, the job becomes even more difficult. It is very hard to manage time between looking after the child and looking after the house. When you have a toddler in the house, you will have a lot of thing associated with the child.

The toys of the child are alone enough to make a complete mess of the house. The house becomes completely cluttered and looks messy. Therefore, you will have taken care of certain things so that the house does not seem cluttered. The best thing that you cam do is create a boundary for the toddler. Create a kind of crest for the child where he or she will be able to play with the toys and will not come out of that area. In this way, you will be able to make sure that the clutter is done in one particular corner of the house.

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