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PostHeaderIcon Strip lighting for your contemporary home

Strip lighting, home lightingLED strip lighting can be a very good way of decorating your modern home. There are a variety of choices when it comes to the colors of these lights. They can be pink, green, white, red pr blue. They can even come in RGB combinations. Generally, these light fixtures will come in sets of 15 pieces, 30 pieces or 24 pieces.

The brightness will be determined by the sets. In common sets the length in which these light fixtures come is 50 centimeters. However, they may also be 30 centimeters in length. You can also get waterproof versions of these lights. 12V is the working voltage of these plights. To know more about the features of these light fixtures, you will have to contact your local suppliers. These light fixtures can be used in many innovative ways to decorate your house and you can create a surreal atmosphere in your house by these lights.

PostHeaderIcon Indoor swimming pools-various shapes and sizes

Indoor swimming pools, install a swimming pool in homeSwimming is one of the most popular hobbies around the world and you should not be amazed if you find an indoor swimming pool in someone’s house.

If you are planning to install an indoor swimming pool in your house too, then there are certain things that you should know. The first thing that you should consider is whether you really love swimming would you really keep it in daily use, because installing an indoor swimming pool requires a lot of investment. Then you should consider the amount of space that you would want to allot to the indoor swimming pool. Regarding the design of the swimming pool you would want to have, you should consider the recent popular designs like above ground swimming pools which are very convenient while building, the fiberglass swimming pools are made on the ground and usually last much longer, another inexpensive design of an indoor swimming pool would be the vinyl swimming pool.

PostHeaderIcon What are fire bricks and what are its uses?

Uses of fire bricks, fire bricksFire bricks are used for building the interiors of pits, ovens and furnaces. These bricks are resistant to heat and therefore they are very useful for building hearths. In order to make the bricks resistant to heat and tensile, the bricks are baked with clay and then heated at a high temperature which makes it capable to withstand extreme temperatures.

These bricks mostly contain silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide. There are different types of fire bricks that are manufactured for different purposes. There are a lot of usages of the fire bricks. They are used in steel and aluminum plants as well. Some space shuttles have fire bricks for thermal shields. The ovens of pizza are built with fire bricks as well. There are a lot of online stores that sell different types of fire bricks that include zircon blocks, acid proof blocks, carbide blocks, constructional blocks that contain high alumina, fly ash blocks and many more.

PostHeaderIcon Clean your windows with homemade ingredients

Tips to clean window, window cleaning tipsYou should ensure proper maintenance of your home and its various parts to keep them neat and clean. Windows are exposed to the external environment a lot and thus they get dirty frequently. Proper cleaning of the windows should be done to keep them neat. There are many renowned cleaners available in the market which can clean the windows properly, but they are expensive and so to purchase them regularly may not be possible for you.

You can use various home ingredients to prepare cleaner to clean the windows properly. You can use vinegar present in the house always to clean the windows. Take a soft cloth and dip it into the vinegar and rub the dirty areas of the windows. Then clean it off with a clear piece of cloth. The window will be cleaned properly. You can also use a mixture of warm water and corn starch to clean the windows properly and keep them shining always.

PostHeaderIcon Wall cavity insulation-how to handle them

Cavity wall insulation, wall care tipsHomes built in the UK after the 1920’s have been built with the wall cavities in between them. the wall cavity is nothing but the exterior walls are made up of two layers. There is a gap between the two layers this space is used to add up insulators in the cavity. This will save high amount of electricity for you as the heat going out of your home. This will ensure that your home is always warm.

The work of these cavities is to save the heat from getting away from your home. you can ask the contractor to fill the cavities of your wall with an insulator material. While installation the contractor will drill holes in the outer wall and then insert all the insulators in the wall. You could do it as it will not only save your electricity bill but it will also contribute to the health of the environment as it saves a good amount of CO2. So work well with the cavities to save good amount of electricity.

PostHeaderIcon Mosaic art for walls

Mosaic art for walls, wall decorThe four walls of one’s home are more than the concrete cement. They are a part of all events and emotions of one’s life. All memorable happenings take place in between the four walls. They make categorically protect the livers inside. Decorating the walls has always been a good and general practice. Presently a new trend has evolved the trend to decorate walls with mosaic art.

Mosaic art form are very much ideal for installation around pillars. Also around curved surfaces and beautifully blends with beautiful patterns and colours. Simple techniques and tools on its usage, like ceramics and pebbles, make the house look more elegant. Mosaic tiles are not only stunning looking but also are tuff and last long. New creative forms of stuff are getting innovated and crafted constantly. A huge centrepiece of art in a big room looks awesome.

PostHeaderIcon Hardwood flooring-calculate your costs

Hardwood floors, flooring costRange of the Hardwood Floor Installation, approx costs are calculated as an average, the current material along with the labour costs for the particular zip code. These are estimates which are accurate within +/-10%.

In order to calculate Hardwood Floor Installation approximate costs for a project:

1. Set Project Location put the “zip code” of a project location – the location specifies the place from where the labours are hired and the materials purchased.
2. Specify Project Size put the number of the “square feet” needed for the particular project.
3. Re-calculate Click on the “Update” button.
The costs ware to depend on the local labour and the material costs, job completion level, level of the preparation and also the finish quality. Make use of the Cost Calculator above to the particular project costs for the particular area. However, be ready to pay in the above or higher end of the estimated range for work completion by a licensed, reputable, bonded and insured service provider, for small, rush or complex projects. Hire cautiously and always give importance, verify prior work quality. Always remember that a higher currency amount does not necessarily guarantee a higher and better quality work.

PostHeaderIcon Sustainable energy for homes

Sustainable energy, tips to safe energyWith the passage of time many developments have been done to reduce the energy consumption in domestic households. The energy efficiency of the household can be simply increased by preventing the losses of energy from the household. Reduction of infiltration of air is the cheapest and quickest way of saving energy. You can put padding around your doors, windows and other sources of air to prevent the air loss. Also by the use of thermal efficient curtains, gazed windows etc, energy loss can be reduced thereby increasing the energy efficiency.

You can even adopt other means to reduce the energy consumption in your house like the concept of walls having proper insulation preventing the hot air from entering. Also try the schemes so that the house remains as cool as possible in summer and warm in winter so that the energy consumption can be deceased.

PostHeaderIcon Should you go for renovation or shifting?

Home renovation, home improvementAre you being uncomfortable at your own house? Are you able to smell dampness around your home that is driving you mad? Does it make you think that it’s time to leave? Well, you can hold on for a second and keep reading for a better option. May be the best option in this time is to remodel or renovate your sweet home or shifting to a small but better place, but who decides? The answer is you.

Here are some of the points which you might look onto to decide the fate of your living home.

1. Understand the purpose of your stay: the present house might be cheap. The house rent may be less. The travel options are better or may be the best. The friends, neighbours and relatives you have made here are good. Schools and colleges may be at a hand away distance. Sentimental attachment is always there but is it strong enough to keep you bonded. These are question that you need to answer.

2. Understand and assume the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the present home and weight the two. Whichever is heavier, it is practical and wise to drift to that side and choose accordingly.

3. At last but not the least listen to your instincts.

These are the most important factors one needs to consider while choosing between renovations of the present house of shifting to another house.

PostHeaderIcon Chimney cleaning essentials

Chimney cleaning tips, home careThe chimney is one such thing which is slowly on the verge of extinction. Previously, a house without a chimney was almost unthinkable but nowadays, the chimney has almost become obsolete. The addition of chimney to a house used to add a certain amount of class and glamour that can be brought out by no single décor accessory and even today, some of the houses have retained that heritage. Cleaning a chimney is something which has been considered a very tedious task but by following certain tips, it can effectively be done so without much hassle.

The first thing that you need to posses in your arsenal is the chimney cleaning brush which is available in various sizes and lengths. The rotator design rods are most handy and you can clean the soot by spinning them easily. If worse comes to worse, you can always opt for professional help and do the cleaning process properly at a very economical price.

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