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PostHeaderIcon How to remove the stubborn stains from your carpets

stubborn stains in carpetsHave your kid spilled a good amount of coffee on the floor accidently or there is a lot of chocolate stains on the rugs? It is a very ugly sight to see stains on the beautiful carpets and quite frustrating when you cannot get rid of them from your expensive rugs. But you do not have to fret anymore or get a new carpet as those stains can be dealt easily with some homemade stain remover only.

Stubborn stains are caused mainly by sauces, coffee, cocoa and other different liquid substances. You can use white vinegar as a stain remover as the acidic nature of the substance works on the stains even on wine stains too. Remove always to blot the area where anything has spilled instead of rubbing it. You can also use lemon on the affected area as it contains citric acid which works wonders on stains. Alcohol and ammonia are some other amazing stain removers too.

PostHeaderIcon How to improve the function of your shower head?

 shower head, bathroom careIf you are looking for better and improved function of your shower head, then you need to follow certain basic things. Check the settings of the water pipeline attached to your shower head. If the water pipeline is not fit enough and the water flow is weak, then you will not get desired function from the shower head. So if you are getting what you are looking from your shower head contact a plumber and get the water pipeline checked to ensure the correct water flow at the shower head.

Also check your shower for clogging of debris. You should periodically disassemble the shower head to check if there is any significant clogging at the shower head. You should wash it properly. The debris often clogs at the mouth of the nozzles thereby reducing the water flow significantly.

You can clean the shower head on your own or you can also call some expert to clean the shower head for you.

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