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PostHeaderIcon Small kitchen décor made easy

kitchen decor, kitchenAre you confused on how to deck up your small kitchen effectively so that it does not looked stuffed up? Small kitchen is a problem for many homeowners but don’t worry as there are some smart tips to decorate your not-so-big kitchen the right way.

First of all you must be careful about the kitchen color. Small rooms should have lighter shades for a spacious feel. You can go with buttercream yellow shades here or a sage green color. Make sure to arrange for a chimney and exhaust so that your kitchen stays airy and the kitchen heat does not get to dirt up the light wall color.

Good storage options are essential for a small kitchen. Go for the wall mounted cabinets here so that your floor spaces stays free letting to move freely around. Open wall mounted shelves as well as hanging utensil racks would be functional too.

PostHeaderIcon How to remove stains from marble floors

remove stains from marble floorsMarble floor is preferred for its everlasting classy appeal and majestic aura. Besides, marble is a hardy stone which ensures good durability for the flooring. However, you must know how to remove the stains from marble floors to keep it flawless forever. Here are some tips that will help to remove stains from marble floors.

Let’s start with coffee and tea stains. These stains could be removed effectively with proper mopping. While mopping use 20 % hydrogen peroxide which is very useful to wipe out coffee and tea stains from the stone easily. Try not to go for fluid rust remover here.

In case of rust stains, you have to make a blend with powdered whiting and commercial fluid rust remover. Use the mixture to cover up the affected area in half inches of thick layer. The area must be kept damp for minimum 15 minutes- after that rinse the floor with water followed by a rub with dry cloth.

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