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PostHeaderIcon Some Useful Information Regarding Bathroom Floors

Bathroom FloorsBathroom floors are extremely different from the floors of the other rooms in your house. The material used for the flooring in your bathroom has to contain certain essential characteristics so that it can last longer. You cannot utilize any flooring material that is available in the market for your bathroom.

The bathroom flooring material that you use has to have the ability to withstand scratches, stains, extreme temperature conditions, water and humidity. A robust bathroom flooring material is absolutely necessary. Humidity, weather extremes and water are the three things that the bathroom flooring has to endure on a regular basis. Due to these three challenges your bathroom flooring material must have certain essential attributes.

Many flooring options are available today such as bamboo, hardwood, granite, marble, cork etc. Vinyl, laminates, wood, cork, bamboo are not used as bathroom flooring materials at all. The reason behind this is that most of these materials are not hard except for hardwood. All of these flooring materials get damaged easily if they are exposed to excess of moisture. Bamboo and cork have the ability to absorb moisture and thus can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs if used in the bathroom. Laminates on the other hand become extremely slippery if it gets wet. Wood is also destroyed by extreme temperature conditions and moisture. Vinyl is not considered to be a very desirable and organic bathroom flooring option.

You can use materials such as marble, granite, ceramic tiles etc as these are hard and non-porous. These flooring materials are durable and the floors made out of any of these materials usually do not become slippery if they get damp. Among the ceramic tiles, you should go for the porcelain tiles as these are considered to be safe flooring options. You can get these bathroom flooring materials in various designs, colors and patterns.

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