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PostHeaderIcon Basement Flooring: A Guide

Basement FlooringBasement floors are usually made out of concrete which tends to feel very hard and uncomfortable on your foot. Thus normally the homeowners cover the concrete base with some other kind of basement flooring option. But before any flooring is installed in the basement, the floor must be insulated conveniently so that moisture problems can be avoided. Waterproofing of the concrete basement floor is a must before any other floor is installed over it. After the moisture problem is dealt with, you can look for the best basement flooring option for your basement.

Tiles can be a perfect flooring option because their maintenance requirement is low and these can resist moisture effectively. Plus tiles come in so many different colors, textures and patterns that you have a variety to choose from. Laminate flooring is also a good option as it can resist moisture to a certain extent if it is insulated appropriately. This basement flooring type can be installed quite conveniently and can be cleaned very quickly as well.

If you want an economical basement flooring option then go for linoleum. However, linoleum is not as long lasting as tiles. Those of you who have basements in which the humidity level is low can install carpets in the basements. Install a carpet in your basement only if you are confident that the problems related with moisture can be handled by you consistently so that the condition of the carpet does not deteriorate.

Rubber flooring can also be utilized for the basement because the feel and look of the rubber flooring is very soft, cozy and comfortable. Cork flooring is another basement flooring option. But it is not that popular because it is a natural material. Instead of installing any kind of flooring, you can go ahead and paint the basement floors with waterproof paints.

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