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PostHeaderIcon Tips to hire a cleaning service

cleaning serviceAre you looking for a reliable house cleaning service? The regular juggle between office and domestic responsibilities hardly leave time for a comprehensive home cleaning and hence it’s best that you leave the job to the pros. Now, there are quite a huge bunch of house cleaning services around but not all can be compatible for you. Thus there are several considerations to mind while you are about to pick a reliable house cleaning service.

Comparative study

Do not settle with the first home cleaning company you bump into. Rather, choose a handful of potential names and go for a thorough comparative study on them. A good comparative study will allow you to pick up the most compatible one for you. Your focus would be on the most reputed of the lot – make sure the cleaning firm is backed by happy clientele.

License & insured

You must always check out the license of the company you are planning to hire to ensure a complete legitimate project. The insurance factor is important too as that will confirm no liabilities on your part- in case any of the crew members break your things or hurt himself in your property.

Service scope

Don’t forget to look at the service scope of your cleaning company before you hire them. A standard home cleaning package comprise of sanitizing & cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, extensive vacuuming & through dusting. Some of the companies also help with woodwork polish, laundry, light-fixture clean-up & floor or windows waxing.
It’s advised that you pick a company which is compatible with any cleaning style- be it a weekly one or once in a month or special cleaning before some event or occasion at the house.

Cleaning supplies

It’s good if your chosen company agrees to clean with your own cleaning supplies. This would ensure comparatively lower fees than the company cleaning with its own supplies.

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