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PostHeaderIcon How To Clean Your Kitchen

Cleaning your kitchenKitchen is like heart of your home and thus it has to be kept clean. Dirty kitchen will not let you love your cooking work. If you want to enjoy your time at the kitchen while you are cooking, you obviously don’t want it looking ugly and untidy and a total mess. Hence it is very important to clean your kitchen. Here are some of the tips to clean your kitchen in easy and appropriate manner so that it look spotless and tidy like you want it to look like.

  • Clear the counters

There are many parts of the kitchen which needs to be cleaned. Cleaning your kitchen includes way too many things which you don’t even take in to notice. Counters are one such part of the kitchen which you need to clean while you are cleaning your kitchen. You may have laid many things on the counter of your kitchen which needs to be cleared off while cleaning your kitchen. Some of the things might not even belonging to your kitchen but still they will be seen on your counter. Things like cookbooks, apron, straggling mails, permission slips which are waiting for signatures and may such other things should be kept at their own place instead of messing up your kitchen counters while cleaning your kitchen.

  • Fill the sink

Now you must be thinking while cleaning your kitchen, you might be expecting to empty your sink instead of filling it. Usually your sink is filled up with uncleaned vessels which definitely should be cleaned up while cleaning your kitchen. Here filling up the sink means filling it with hot water and some of the drops of your dish wash liquid. Fill your sink in this manner and then drop such items in your sink which needs soaking like dish rack, microwave turntable and crisper drawer. After sometime, clean these things properly while cleaning your kitchen. After that also clean your sink properly and don’t it in the way it is. Cleaning the sink is also very essential thing to do while cleaning your kitchen.

  • Empty the refrigerator

Sometimes your refrigerator becomes like your dustbin. It is so much filled with the things which are no more in use and need to be thrown but still it is occupying space in your refrigerator. Check it out and throw everything which has been expired. Throw all the containers which are having dirty food storage into the sink for soaking. Start from top to bottom, clean up each and every shelves of the refrigerator with either paper towel or any damp cloth. Then arrange the useful things in the refrigerator in a way which occupies the least space.

  • Dust the high zones

While you are cleaning the each and every part of the kitchen like top of cabinets, light fixtures and corners, you must have knocked down the dirt on the floor. Thus after you are done with every cleaning things, you must sweep the floor in an appropriate manner and clean every minute particular of dirt and debris.

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