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PostHeaderIcon Tips Of Fixing A Leaky Roof

Fixing leaky roofRoof is very essential part of your house and not paying proper attention on your roof would be by far one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Taking care of your roof is very essential. For caring your roof, you must have a regular inspection of your roof and check whether there is any damage to your roof or not. You must check pout for missing shingles and also see whether there is any leak in the roof or not. Inspecting for the leaky roof is enough you must take initiative and fix your leaky roof. Leaky roof can be very dangerous and hence fixing a leaky roof as soon as you spot one is a pre requisite while caring and maintains your roof. For fixing a leaky roof most essential thing is to spot one. For fixing a leaky roof, you must choose a dry day and work on it. Here are some of the tips of fixing a leaky roof.

  • Check for the damage on roof

For fixing a leaky roof, you must try and find where the damage is on the roof because of which your roof is suffering. Finding and fixing a leaky roof would be easy if there is a flat roof. If there is any other types of roofing then finding and fixing a leaky roof can be bit tricky. Many of the times there can be chances that leak is from a good distance from the actual damage is there on the roof. If you have a slanted roof then firstly check those areas which is higher and then go on finding the leak at the lower. If you are having an attic, then go on and inspect your attic with a flash light and check for any black marks or stains. Another way of finding and fixing leaky roof is to run a hose on the different sections of the roof and keep a person inside and let you know when he spot the leak.

  • Find the damaged or missing shingles

Damaged shingles or missing shingles can be one of the basic reasons of a leaking roof. For fixing a leaky roof, you must replace the damaged shingles or fit a new shingle in case of a missing shingle. Even if you find any curled shingle then it should also be replaced as soon as you spot one. Also take a close look at exposed roofing tacks.

  • Straighten those shingles which are curled back

In cold weather, there might be the need to soften the edges of shingles with heat or you can also make use of electric hair dryer to do so. Using torch or any other source of open heat flame is not suggested as asphalt shingles may be flammable. Even if they are not flammable, use of excessive amount of heat can damage the shingles. Thus be very careful while straighten curled shingles and make sure to not to damage them while repairing them.


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