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PostHeaderIcon Pros And Cons Of Wooden Flooring

Pros and cons of wooden flooring

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden flooring

Wooden floors are generally daydream for most of the homeowners. The natural look, warmth, the beauty, rich colors are available only in wooden flooring. The eternal beauty and the untouchable class can be availed only by wooden flooring. Some of the old fashioned home have one of the parts of home or whole home done by wooden flooring and the price of such homes touches the sky. In today’s time the easy alternative for wooden flooring is considered to be laminate. This is composite wood which is pressed at high temperature. Whether it is hardwood or it is laminate, wooden flooring is worth to be considered for many reasons.

Pros of wooden flooring

  • Look

The look which wooden flooring gives cannot be matched with any other types of flooring. The turns pout the beauty of whole room. Wooden flooring is such which goes with any kind of home décor. It fits in any place with any accent. It is simple yet eternally beautiful.

  • Value

Wooden floors are by far the most expensive type of flooring and hence it also gives you back the same price. The beauty which this floor gives cannot be compared with any other and hence it fetches a whole different level of price when you set your home in market after several years for sell. It gives you a great even when the home is old.

  • Durability

When it comes to durability, let’s just say that wooden last minimum for the lifetime of your house. If this durability is enough for you then you can definitely opt for it. They will look gorgeous every single time you see it. It will look the same as the time you first install them. Sometimes it might need some repair and maintenance but it will not eat up your fortune.

  • Versatile

These floors are extremely versatile. You can do almost anything with them whatever you want. Almost each and every accent and every type of décor will complement these floors. If you are bored with the old wood look then you can install some of the fancy rug over them and get a whole new look.

Cons of wooden flooring

  • Costing

The costing of these floors sets really high. It will definitely make a hole in your pocket at the time of its installation but this cost can be covered up or let’s say it’s perfectly fine as it also offers such great durability and also a beautiful resell value.

  • Frequent cleaning

Wood floors will end up getting dirty very often. You will have to vacuum it very often for keeping it clean and thus you need to devote some time after that. Along with that polishing the floors every once in a while will also became a necessity of such floors.

  • Not friendly to kids and pets

These floors can be considered slippery and hence it’s not safe for pets and kids. They are likely to fall every now and then. Pets also fall very often as they cannot get a proper grip over these floors because of its smooth surface.

PostHeaderIcon Tips To Clean Your Laminate Flooring

Cleaning laminate flooringLaminate floors are just like the substitute of hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is comparatively less costly then hardwood flooring and thus many people opt for such flooring. Laminate flooring is made up of wood products only but it is not made up of solid wood. Laminate flooring is good at mimicking and it can mimic any type of hardwood floor out there. But having and installing laminate flooring is not enough to make your floor look beautiful. You have to put some efforts to make your laminate floor look beautiful. It’s very important to clean your laminate flooring timely and regularly. If you think cleaning your laminate flooring is easy and similar to hardwood flooring then you are wrong. Cleaning your laminate flooring is bit tricky and you need to be careful while cleaning your laminate flooring. Clean your laminate flooring properly or else there is possibility of damaging it. Thus here are some of the tips to clean your laminate flooring.

  • First and foremost thing you need to do while cleaning your laminate flooring is to care for it on regular basis. You can take initiative by cleaning your laminate flooring with swiffer sweeper or dry cloth to take away everyday dust and dirt from the surface of your laminate flooring. By doing so you will be able to reduce the amount of scratches and the grit which can cause because of the foot traffic.
  • While cleaning your laminate flooring, one of the positive things about the laminate flooring is that it is stain resistant. The surface of laminate flooring is very tough and this tough surface enables the laminate flooring to easily clean the stains which you might encounter during your day to day life, schedule or routine. But if you want to clean your laminate flooring easily and want to maintain for the long period of time then it is important to clean the stain when it is wet and don’t allow it to get dry. Thus whenever you spot any stain on your laminate floor then clean your laminate flooring as soon as you spot one and make it spotless clean. When the stain is very much stubborn you need to some physical effort to remove it. But don’t let it be in same position or else it will become permanent.
  • You need to be gentle while cleaning your laminate flooring. Yes of course laminate flooring is quite durable but when applied certain techniques while cleaning your laminate flooring, it might result in damaging your floor. Thus you need to carful while cleaning your laminate flooring or else you will end up damaging it and sometimes losing the shine of your flooring on permanent basis.
  • Be careful while using the water for cleaning your laminate flooring. Many of the times if not used in right manner, water can travel and it can hide in between the laminate boards. Once such kind of thing happens with laminate flooring, it can really lose its look and look lumpy and warped. Thus make sure you use water in proper manner while cleaning your laminate flooring.

PostHeaderIcon Some eco-friendly flooring choices

eco-friendly flooring choicesA hard smooth floor can be a enormous attraction for many buyers due to their capacity not to trap large amounts of dust and other allergens between its fibers, and there are a great many options on the floor that you can install in your home that have a lot of attractive to buyers. One of the biggest attractions of these types of plants is not only the fact that they do not trap allergens and dust in them, but many are also environmentally friendly as well. The best ecological options are linoleum, bamboo and recycled wood.
Recycled wood can be a great option for homeowners looking to add an element of real character to your floors. Tables are rescued from the demolition of old buildings, which may have been ground or boards of old buildings like barns. Recycled plates can be different types of surface treatments to give them an old-type surface; some companies offer a type of soil with the saw marks on the surface or scraping with a cover reminiscent of a varnished wooden floor.

Ecological options add buyer appeal

 Bamboo floors are a nice green option if you’re looking for a floor that has an antique or wood look to it. Bamboo is a sustainable crop, bamboo plants can be harvested every five years or less and requires no fertilizer. The types of bamboo flooring vary in style, so there are different looks you can achieve with them. It is significant to keep in mind that some types of bamboo flooring uses elevated VOC emitting adhesives; as a result it pays to do your research here.
 Linoleum flooring as an environmentally friendly option is a bit of a surprise for some homeowners. Due to the ordinary erroneous vinyl and linoleum floors, there is a delusion that linoleum is not extremely attractive or green. However, the linoleum is a great green manufactured goods with antibacterial and antistatic. Linoleum is made from linseed oil, wood flour, cork powder and mineral pigments applied to a fabric background. While for years it was considered fashionable linoleum, has made a comeback in recent years. Linoleum is available in a wide range of colors and tiles and rolls.
 Consider the style of your home before making your decision on what type of ecological work best in your home. Whatever you select, eventual buyers are confident to look favorably on it!

PostHeaderIcon Basement Flooring: A Guide

Basement FlooringBasement floors are usually made out of concrete which tends to feel very hard and uncomfortable on your foot. Thus normally the homeowners cover the concrete base with some other kind of basement flooring option. But before any flooring is installed in the basement, the floor must be insulated conveniently so that moisture problems can be avoided. Waterproofing of the concrete basement floor is a must before any other floor is installed over it. After the moisture problem is dealt with, you can look for the best basement flooring option for your basement.

Tiles can be a perfect flooring option because their maintenance requirement is low and these can resist moisture effectively. Plus tiles come in so many different colors, textures and patterns that you have a variety to choose from. Laminate flooring is also a good option as it can resist moisture to a certain extent if it is insulated appropriately. This basement flooring type can be installed quite conveniently and can be cleaned very quickly as well.

If you want an economical basement flooring option then go for linoleum. However, linoleum is not as long lasting as tiles. Those of you who have basements in which the humidity level is low can install carpets in the basements. Install a carpet in your basement only if you are confident that the problems related with moisture can be handled by you consistently so that the condition of the carpet does not deteriorate.

Rubber flooring can also be utilized for the basement because the feel and look of the rubber flooring is very soft, cozy and comfortable. Cork flooring is another basement flooring option. But it is not that popular because it is a natural material. Instead of installing any kind of flooring, you can go ahead and paint the basement floors with waterproof paints.

PostHeaderIcon Some Useful Information Regarding Bathroom Floors

Bathroom FloorsBathroom floors are extremely different from the floors of the other rooms in your house. The material used for the flooring in your bathroom has to contain certain essential characteristics so that it can last longer. You cannot utilize any flooring material that is available in the market for your bathroom.

The bathroom flooring material that you use has to have the ability to withstand scratches, stains, extreme temperature conditions, water and humidity. A robust bathroom flooring material is absolutely necessary. Humidity, weather extremes and water are the three things that the bathroom flooring has to endure on a regular basis. Due to these three challenges your bathroom flooring material must have certain essential attributes.

Many flooring options are available today such as bamboo, hardwood, granite, marble, cork etc. Vinyl, laminates, wood, cork, bamboo are not used as bathroom flooring materials at all. The reason behind this is that most of these materials are not hard except for hardwood. All of these flooring materials get damaged easily if they are exposed to excess of moisture. Bamboo and cork have the ability to absorb moisture and thus can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs if used in the bathroom. Laminates on the other hand become extremely slippery if it gets wet. Wood is also destroyed by extreme temperature conditions and moisture. Vinyl is not considered to be a very desirable and organic bathroom flooring option.

You can use materials such as marble, granite, ceramic tiles etc as these are hard and non-porous. These flooring materials are durable and the floors made out of any of these materials usually do not become slippery if they get damp. Among the ceramic tiles, you should go for the porcelain tiles as these are considered to be safe flooring options. You can get these bathroom flooring materials in various designs, colors and patterns.

PostHeaderIcon Hardwood flooring-calculate your costs

Hardwood floors, flooring costRange of the Hardwood Floor Installation, approx costs are calculated as an average, the current material along with the labour costs for the particular zip code. These are estimates which are accurate within +/-10%.

In order to calculate Hardwood Floor Installation approximate costs for a project:

1. Set Project Location put the “zip code” of a project location – the location specifies the place from where the labours are hired and the materials purchased.
2. Specify Project Size put the number of the “square feet” needed for the particular project.
3. Re-calculate Click on the “Update” button.
The costs ware to depend on the local labour and the material costs, job completion level, level of the preparation and also the finish quality. Make use of the Cost Calculator above to the particular project costs for the particular area. However, be ready to pay in the above or higher end of the estimated range for work completion by a licensed, reputable, bonded and insured service provider, for small, rush or complex projects. Hire cautiously and always give importance, verify prior work quality. Always remember that a higher currency amount does not necessarily guarantee a higher and better quality work.

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