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cleaning serviceAre you looking for a reliable house cleaning service? The regular juggle between office and domestic responsibilities hardly leave time for a comprehensive home cleaning and hence it’s best that you leave the job to the pros. Now, there are quite a huge bunch of house cleaning services around but not all can be compatible for you. Thus there are several considerations to mind while you are about to pick a reliable house cleaning service.

Comparative study

Do not settle with the first home cleaning company you bump into. Rather, choose a handful of potential names and go for a thorough comparative study on them. A good comparative study will allow you to pick up the most compatible one for you. Your focus would be on the most reputed of the lot – make sure the cleaning firm is backed by happy clientele.

License & insured

You must always check out the license of the company you are planning to hire to ensure a complete legitimate project. The insurance factor is important too as that will confirm no liabilities on your part- in case any of the crew members break your things or hurt himself in your property.

Service scope

Don’t forget to look at the service scope of your cleaning company before you hire them. A standard home cleaning package comprise of sanitizing & cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, extensive vacuuming & through dusting. Some of the companies also help with woodwork polish, laundry, light-fixture clean-up & floor or windows waxing.
It’s advised that you pick a company which is compatible with any cleaning style- be it a weekly one or once in a month or special cleaning before some event or occasion at the house.

Cleaning supplies

It’s good if your chosen company agrees to clean with your own cleaning supplies. This would ensure comparatively lower fees than the company cleaning with its own supplies.

PostHeaderIcon Playground Slide Instead of Stairs

Playground Slide stairHome is the place where your family and you spend most of the time. It is in your home that you get an opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself. Therefore, the architect of the home should be fun living around. One such architect part of your home is the stairs. So what about the stairs ?

Stairs help you move from one floor of your house to another. However if beautiful pattern of stairs are chosen then your home will obviously look absolutely gorgeous.

Those of you who are decorating your home on a tight budget can actually opt for playground slide instead of stairs because constructing beautiful stairs can turn out to be an expensive task. On the other hand, you can get hold of playground slides at reasonable prices from any local or online store.

If you have children in your home then the wise move on your part would be to install a slide instead of stairs because it will give an opportunity to the children to enjoy themselves to the fullest.
Playground slide is something that you will usually not find in any one’s home. So you might be doubtful as to how it will look in your home. However, a small majority of the homeowners have installed playground slide instead of stairs and have been very satisfied with the unique look it offers to their home. It does look stunning and something you don’t witness in general.

You actually get an opportunity to add color and vibrancy to your home by installing a slide because playground slides are available in different designs and colors. If you have swimming pools in your home then you can install playground slide in it instead of stairs as it will make your swimming experience more enjoyable.

You can very well see that playground slide can turn out to be a good alternative to stairs.

PostHeaderIcon Perfect Shower Curtain Design

Shower Curtain DesignAre you not happy with the way your bathroom looks? If yes then the appearance of your bathroom can be enhanced appropriately if you are able to get hold of superior quality shower curtains. These bathroom accessories are simple but they have the ability to change the looks of your bathroom in ways unimaginable. The most important thing is that the shower curtains are absolutely cheap so you do not have to spend much to beautify your bathroom.

Shower curtains are available in the market in different kinds of designs. Selecting the perfect shower curtain design is extremely essential because if the design is not kept in mind then you might end up purchasing a shower curtain that is not compatible with your bathroom décor at all. In case you have young kids in your home then the best thing you can do is choose shower curtains which have funny ducks, little fishes or dolphins on it. You can even buy shower curtains that are related to your kid’s favorite cartoon character.
If you have no children in your home then you can surely get hold of shower curtains that have formal designs such as different geometric shapes, lines and patterns. You can even go for the shower curtains that have floral patterns, polka dots, animal prints, designs related to water (bubbles, water splashes and so on), designs related to climatic seasons, designs related to nature etc.

In order to add color to your dull bathroom, you can obviously buy the solid colored curtains instead of the ones that are patterned. Nowadays, shower curtains related to different themes are manufactured. You just have to carry out a proper research so that you can find the perfect shower curtain design for your bathroom and can utilize the curtain to make your bathroom attractive and colorful.

PostHeaderIcon Some eco-friendly flooring choices

eco-friendly flooring choicesA hard smooth floor can be a enormous attraction for many buyers due to their capacity not to trap large amounts of dust and other allergens between its fibers, and there are a great many options on the floor that you can install in your home that have a lot of attractive to buyers. One of the biggest attractions of these types of plants is not only the fact that they do not trap allergens and dust in them, but many are also environmentally friendly as well. The best ecological options are linoleum, bamboo and recycled wood.
Recycled wood can be a great option for homeowners looking to add an element of real character to your floors. Tables are rescued from the demolition of old buildings, which may have been ground or boards of old buildings like barns. Recycled plates can be different types of surface treatments to give them an old-type surface; some companies offer a type of soil with the saw marks on the surface or scraping with a cover reminiscent of a varnished wooden floor.

Ecological options add buyer appeal

 Bamboo floors are a nice green option if you’re looking for a floor that has an antique or wood look to it. Bamboo is a sustainable crop, bamboo plants can be harvested every five years or less and requires no fertilizer. The types of bamboo flooring vary in style, so there are different looks you can achieve with them. It is significant to keep in mind that some types of bamboo flooring uses elevated VOC emitting adhesives; as a result it pays to do your research here.
 Linoleum flooring as an environmentally friendly option is a bit of a surprise for some homeowners. Due to the ordinary erroneous vinyl and linoleum floors, there is a delusion that linoleum is not extremely attractive or green. However, the linoleum is a great green manufactured goods with antibacterial and antistatic. Linoleum is made from linseed oil, wood flour, cork powder and mineral pigments applied to a fabric background. While for years it was considered fashionable linoleum, has made a comeback in recent years. Linoleum is available in a wide range of colors and tiles and rolls.
 Consider the style of your home before making your decision on what type of ecological work best in your home. Whatever you select, eventual buyers are confident to look favorably on it!

PostHeaderIcon Basement Flooring: A Guide

Basement FlooringBasement floors are usually made out of concrete which tends to feel very hard and uncomfortable on your foot. Thus normally the homeowners cover the concrete base with some other kind of basement flooring option. But before any flooring is installed in the basement, the floor must be insulated conveniently so that moisture problems can be avoided. Waterproofing of the concrete basement floor is a must before any other floor is installed over it. After the moisture problem is dealt with, you can look for the best basement flooring option for your basement.

Tiles can be a perfect flooring option because their maintenance requirement is low and these can resist moisture effectively. Plus tiles come in so many different colors, textures and patterns that you have a variety to choose from. Laminate flooring is also a good option as it can resist moisture to a certain extent if it is insulated appropriately. This basement flooring type can be installed quite conveniently and can be cleaned very quickly as well.

If you want an economical basement flooring option then go for linoleum. However, linoleum is not as long lasting as tiles. Those of you who have basements in which the humidity level is low can install carpets in the basements. Install a carpet in your basement only if you are confident that the problems related with moisture can be handled by you consistently so that the condition of the carpet does not deteriorate.

Rubber flooring can also be utilized for the basement because the feel and look of the rubber flooring is very soft, cozy and comfortable. Cork flooring is another basement flooring option. But it is not that popular because it is a natural material. Instead of installing any kind of flooring, you can go ahead and paint the basement floors with waterproof paints.

PostHeaderIcon Some Useful Information Regarding Bathroom Floors

Bathroom FloorsBathroom floors are extremely different from the floors of the other rooms in your house. The material used for the flooring in your bathroom has to contain certain essential characteristics so that it can last longer. You cannot utilize any flooring material that is available in the market for your bathroom.

The bathroom flooring material that you use has to have the ability to withstand scratches, stains, extreme temperature conditions, water and humidity. A robust bathroom flooring material is absolutely necessary. Humidity, weather extremes and water are the three things that the bathroom flooring has to endure on a regular basis. Due to these three challenges your bathroom flooring material must have certain essential attributes.

Many flooring options are available today such as bamboo, hardwood, granite, marble, cork etc. Vinyl, laminates, wood, cork, bamboo are not used as bathroom flooring materials at all. The reason behind this is that most of these materials are not hard except for hardwood. All of these flooring materials get damaged easily if they are exposed to excess of moisture. Bamboo and cork have the ability to absorb moisture and thus can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs if used in the bathroom. Laminates on the other hand become extremely slippery if it gets wet. Wood is also destroyed by extreme temperature conditions and moisture. Vinyl is not considered to be a very desirable and organic bathroom flooring option.

You can use materials such as marble, granite, ceramic tiles etc as these are hard and non-porous. These flooring materials are durable and the floors made out of any of these materials usually do not become slippery if they get damp. Among the ceramic tiles, you should go for the porcelain tiles as these are considered to be safe flooring options. You can get these bathroom flooring materials in various designs, colors and patterns.

PostHeaderIcon Small kitchen décor made easy

kitchen decor, kitchenAre you confused on how to deck up your small kitchen effectively so that it does not looked stuffed up? Small kitchen is a problem for many homeowners but don’t worry as there are some smart tips to decorate your not-so-big kitchen the right way.

First of all you must be careful about the kitchen color. Small rooms should have lighter shades for a spacious feel. You can go with buttercream yellow shades here or a sage green color. Make sure to arrange for a chimney and exhaust so that your kitchen stays airy and the kitchen heat does not get to dirt up the light wall color.

Good storage options are essential for a small kitchen. Go for the wall mounted cabinets here so that your floor spaces stays free letting to move freely around. Open wall mounted shelves as well as hanging utensil racks would be functional too.

PostHeaderIcon How to remove stains from marble floors

remove stains from marble floorsMarble floor is preferred for its everlasting classy appeal and majestic aura. Besides, marble is a hardy stone which ensures good durability for the flooring. However, you must know how to remove the stains from marble floors to keep it flawless forever. Here are some tips that will help to remove stains from marble floors.

Let’s start with coffee and tea stains. These stains could be removed effectively with proper mopping. While mopping use 20 % hydrogen peroxide which is very useful to wipe out coffee and tea stains from the stone easily. Try not to go for fluid rust remover here.

In case of rust stains, you have to make a blend with powdered whiting and commercial fluid rust remover. Use the mixture to cover up the affected area in half inches of thick layer. The area must be kept damp for minimum 15 minutes- after that rinse the floor with water followed by a rub with dry cloth.

PostHeaderIcon How to remove the stubborn stains from your carpets

stubborn stains in carpetsHave your kid spilled a good amount of coffee on the floor accidently or there is a lot of chocolate stains on the rugs? It is a very ugly sight to see stains on the beautiful carpets and quite frustrating when you cannot get rid of them from your expensive rugs. But you do not have to fret anymore or get a new carpet as those stains can be dealt easily with some homemade stain remover only.

Stubborn stains are caused mainly by sauces, coffee, cocoa and other different liquid substances. You can use white vinegar as a stain remover as the acidic nature of the substance works on the stains even on wine stains too. Remove always to blot the area where anything has spilled instead of rubbing it. You can also use lemon on the affected area as it contains citric acid which works wonders on stains. Alcohol and ammonia are some other amazing stain removers too.

PostHeaderIcon How to improve the function of your shower head?

 shower head, bathroom careIf you are looking for better and improved function of your shower head, then you need to follow certain basic things. Check the settings of the water pipeline attached to your shower head. If the water pipeline is not fit enough and the water flow is weak, then you will not get desired function from the shower head. So if you are getting what you are looking from your shower head contact a plumber and get the water pipeline checked to ensure the correct water flow at the shower head.

Also check your shower for clogging of debris. You should periodically disassemble the shower head to check if there is any significant clogging at the shower head. You should wash it properly. The debris often clogs at the mouth of the nozzles thereby reducing the water flow significantly.

You can clean the shower head on your own or you can also call some expert to clean the shower head for you.

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