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Pros and cons of wooden flooring

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden flooring

Wooden floors are generally daydream for most of the homeowners. The natural look, warmth, the beauty, rich colors are available only in wooden flooring. The eternal beauty and the untouchable class can be availed only by wooden flooring. Some of the old fashioned home have one of the parts of home or whole home done by wooden flooring and the price of such homes touches the sky. In today’s time the easy alternative for wooden flooring is considered to be laminate. This is composite wood which is pressed at high temperature. Whether it is hardwood or it is laminate, wooden flooring is worth to be considered for many reasons.

Pros of wooden flooring

  • Look

The look which wooden flooring gives cannot be matched with any other types of flooring. The turns pout the beauty of whole room. Wooden flooring is such which goes with any kind of home décor. It fits in any place with any accent. It is simple yet eternally beautiful.

  • Value

Wooden floors are by far the most expensive type of flooring and hence it also gives you back the same price. The beauty which this floor gives cannot be compared with any other and hence it fetches a whole different level of price when you set your home in market after several years for sell. It gives you a great even when the home is old.

  • Durability

When it comes to durability, let’s just say that wooden last minimum for the lifetime of your house. If this durability is enough for you then you can definitely opt for it. They will look gorgeous every single time you see it. It will look the same as the time you first install them. Sometimes it might need some repair and maintenance but it will not eat up your fortune.

  • Versatile

These floors are extremely versatile. You can do almost anything with them whatever you want. Almost each and every accent and every type of décor will complement these floors. If you are bored with the old wood look then you can install some of the fancy rug over them and get a whole new look.

Cons of wooden flooring

  • Costing

The costing of these floors sets really high. It will definitely make a hole in your pocket at the time of its installation but this cost can be covered up or let’s say it’s perfectly fine as it also offers such great durability and also a beautiful resell value.

  • Frequent cleaning

Wood floors will end up getting dirty very often. You will have to vacuum it very often for keeping it clean and thus you need to devote some time after that. Along with that polishing the floors every once in a while will also became a necessity of such floors.

  • Not friendly to kids and pets

These floors can be considered slippery and hence it’s not safe for pets and kids. They are likely to fall every now and then. Pets also fall very often as they cannot get a proper grip over these floors because of its smooth surface.

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