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Basement waterproofing

Waterproofing the Basement

Have you ever wondered about how to waterproof your basement? Even if you basement is never flooded, but it is always supplied with a chance of being flooded. Basements are prone to flooding. They are basically constructed partially or fully beneath or underground. The ground water level is always observed above the basement floor level. A flooded basement not only leads to inconvenient situation, but it can also become health hazardous for the members living in the home. So it is very important to waterproof your basement because it will help the home owners for enjoying better foundation of your home.

Waterproof your basement:

  • Applying sealant is one of the basic and important tips that help the home owners in easily waterproofing your basement. One of the most common entry points of water is through cracks and space in the concrete of your foundation.
  • The good news is that these cracks can be easily sealed from the inner side of the home. Special sealant is available in the market that can be used for sealing the cracks by the way of injection. The sealant is injected into the cracks for preventing any potential moisture and leaks from seeping through the foundation and also helps in sealing off the cracks observed.
  • If you don’t observe any cracks in your basement, you can definitely use concrete waterproofing coating on the foundation of your basement. This will help you in permanently sealing the issues against major leaks, potential flooding and condensation problems.
  • Rain gutters installed in the home helps in transporting the accumulated rain water away from the foundation of your home. If the rain gutters are not maintained properly, it might cause damage to the foundation of your home.
  • It might get fill with debris and this would result in pour the water the sides of the rain gutters which will accumulate the water on the ground surface of the home. This excessive amount of water will run through the spaces observed in your basement and lead in damaging the foundation of your home.
  • It is advisable of cleaning the rain gutters in spring which will help you in maintaining and protecting the foundation or the basement constructed. Similarly, downspout is another important thing which should be maintained properly when it comes for waterproofing your basement.
  • Downspouts collect water from the running rain gutters and disperse it onto the ground. It the downspout is poorly located then it might cause damaging effects to the foundation of your home.
  • The water will collect next to the home premise that might seep through the cracks or opening fond in the foundation. Without maintaining proper gutter, eater will directly drain up from all the edges of the roof.
  • It will ultimately result in accumulated or pool of water besides your home premise. This might be one of the causes for severe health issues. It is advisable installing extensions of downspout for moving the water away from the foundation of the home. This will help the water to transport certainly away from your home.

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